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18.01.2008 - Missionary travelling to town Pazardjik


On 18th January, the Apostle team of El Shaddai Church managed mission travelling to town Pazardzik. Our team visited  Pastor Mehmed and his Turkish church. We were serving there with pray and worship, and sharing the Word of God. We were there to bless and encourage the believers.
This church has had a lot of persecutions during last two years. Because of attacks and threats, most of the people have dropped off. 
Pastor Mehmed told that for two years we are the first who have visited them, giving courage to him, his family and the church.



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  • Божията пълнота - д-р Джон Полис
  • Божията воля за теб е съвършено здраве - д-р Джон Полис
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  • Стикер "Исус Христос е Господ на България!"
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