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In 1991 God started working in the heart of Pastor Krassimir Partovsy and He put a desire in his heart to preach the Word of God in Vakarel village, like it is in many other places in Bulgaria and round the world. At this time he started to gather people, to pray with them and to meditate on the Word of God.

The first Christian service in the history of the village was held on Nov. 6th, 1993. Twelve people were saved.

The first Evangelical Church in Vakarel was founded some days later, on Nov. 9th, 1993. Soon after that the Church faced great difficulties and severe persecutions-attempts to confiscate the building, arsons, explosions, throwing stones at Christians, kidnapping.

In spite of the difficult period the Church did not only resisted the pressure, but it also actively spread the Word of God in the region of Vakarel. As a result of it the churches in Momin Prohod, Gorna Vasilitza, Jivkovo and Gabara were founded.

In all these years the Church actively prays and works to spread the Gospel. As a result of it missions are held in many places in Bulgaria, as well as in Romania, Turkey and Greece.

Vakarel village is situated 40km from Sofia. Its 830m attitude above sea level opens a wonderful view to Sofia and the region. Years ago the Lord spoke to me and told me, just like He told Moses, that everything our eyes could see would be ours.


In 2006 the Word of God began to fulfill this vision as we founded Christian Church “El Shaddai” Sofia.

We believe that this is a place that God gives us and we will continue to work and reach the lost.

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