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Church "El Shaddai"


  • El Shaddai Church "Sofia" starts in 2006 г. This is an Apostolic centre in which will be touched many people. It is not a new one church in the order, but a home for all.

    Service: Sunday, 5 p.m., Conference Room, Hotel Ganesha




  • El Shaddai Church "Vakarel" is founded by Pastor Krassi Partovsky and functions since 1993. It is also the originator of the other "El Shaddai" Churches.

    Today Pastor of this Church is Maria Partovska.

    Service: Saturday, 5p.m.., 6A Alen Mak St.




  • "El Shaddai"- Church Gorna Vasilitza is founded in the mid 1990s. It is a small gypsy Church, like a home group. Leader of this Church is Georgi Nenkov. He is a very faithful brother who has proved his faithfulness and dedication in all these years and the Lord has used him in a powerful way to preach the Word of God and to serve the Body of Christ with healing and releasing.



  • "El Shaddai Church"- Kostenetz village is a gypsy Church with 40 members. Leader of this Church is Georgi Nenkov.
  • Обновени вярващи - д-р Джон Полис
  • Божията пълнота - д-р Джон Полис
  • Божията воля за теб е съвършено здраве - д-р Джон Полис
  • Първият ни албум с хваление и поклонение!
  • Стикер "Исус Христос е Господ на България!"
WELCOME TO US ! SUNDAY – 5.00 pm - Conference Room, Hotel "Kibella", Sofia
Contact Us: (+359) 895 48 94 65 E-mail: el_shaddai@abv.bg